Want to catch up on all the Broadway Bartender episodes already aired? Now you can see them all from the beginning, and not miss a single cocktail or conversation that Anthony has had along the way!

1. School of Rock

Eric Peterson, Cassie Okenka, Jesse Swimm

2. Cagney

Josh Walden

3. Avenue Q

Ben Durocher

4. Cats

Jessica Hendy, Christine Cornish Smith

5. Sunset Boulevard

Preston Boyd

6. David Zayas

David Zayas

7. The Gazillion Bubble Show

Melody Yang

8. Beautiful

Sara Sheperd

9. Joe Allen

Chris Rozanksi

10. Natasha, Pierre, and the Great Comet of 1812

Alex Gibson

11. Ernest Shackleton Loves Me

Wade McCollum

12. Sunday in the Park with George

Jennifer Sanchez

13. Sweetee

Jelani Alladin, Jordan Tyson, Jeremiah James

14. Bandstand

Brandon James Ellis, Alex Bender, James Nathan Hopkins

15. Alexa Green and Rich Martino

Alexa Green and Rich Martino

16. Telsey and Co.

Cesar Rocha

17. Your Love, Our Musical!

Rebecca Vigil, Evan Kaurman, Henry Koperski

18. Scott Coulter

Scott Coulter

19. Church and State

Rob Nagle, Jason Odell Williams

20. Curvy Widow

Bobby Goldman, Nancy Opel

21. Paul Bogaev

Paul Bogaev

22. Groundhog Day

Vishal Vaidya, Travix Waldschmidt, Michael Fatica

23. Caleb Damschroder

Calen Damshroder

24. Max Chernin

Max Chernin

25. The Government Inspector

Arnie Burton

26. The Imbible: Day Drinking

Nicole Dimattei, Alex Herrera, Sarah Hinrichsen, Luke Schaffer

27. Puffs

Andy Miller, Nick Carillo, James Fouhey

28. Jimmy and Carolyn

James Andrew Walsh, Sam Tsoutsouvas

29. Me The People

Aiesha Dukes, Mia Weinberger

30. Anastasia

Beth Peil

31. The Ayers Sisters

Becca Ayers and Heather Ayers

32. A Bronx Tale

Rory Max Kaplan, Cary Tedder, Keith White

33. Constantine Maroulis

34. Mamma Mia